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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is trouble free to implement and puts control into the hands of business users 

Some benefits of our SaaS scheme

  • Zero Infrastructure. Since the application is hosted by us on behalf of the client, investing in expensive infrastructure is no longer required. All large initial investments on hardware, licenses, databases, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades are managed by NewfieldTech. Customers can access and use the application on the Internet through any browser. No local infrastructure meaning; no headache of upgrading aging technology, and a complete protection from unforeseen expense spikes
  • Time-to-Market. We take responsibility for the provisioning of hardware, software and network infrastructure at the data center. Additionally, LP Watcher has default customization of features and user interfaces. As a result, there are no delays resulting from the need for internal IT organizations to perform development, enhancement or deployment of the application
  • Global availability. We deliver functionality that is available from anywhere in the world on the internet natively
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA). Service levels are fixed in advance by contract. Clients know precisely which corrective measures are going to be taken and when to fix every situation
  • Constant, Smaller, Upgrades. When you LP Watcher, it is in our best interest to keep you happy and we strive to do so by constantly improving the application experience.  With SaaS this can come in the form of consistent sligth changes that add up over time instead of monster patches and upgrades that cost you time and money to implement
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership. One of the historical complaints about licensed software models has been the unknown cost to deploy and operate. With SaaS the total cost to operate the application is fixed. We bundle all of the necessary hardware, software and support services such as implementation, training, help desk, troubleshooting, upgrades, security, and business continuity into a single fee. As a result, the overall total cost of ownership is known in advance
  • Redistribute IT Budget. By outsourcing software functionality to a provider, the enterprise realizes a cost savings in infrastructure requirements and IT personnel knowledge requirements.  This allows our clients to focus on core competencies.  It also means that the cost savings from using SaaS applications can be flat out saved, or reallocated to boost productivity through other services
  • Improved Security. We are in the business of providing uninterrupted reliable services. We understand that data must be backed up religiously, and information security is of fanatic priority. Skilled resources, network redundancies, stand-by power, up-to-date security and intrusion detection are mandatory infrastructure required to provide a world class service. Such level infrastructural investment is usually an overkill for a single organization or team
  • Easy to Switch Vendors. SaaS provides significantly more power and control to the corporate buyer than traditional software license models. SaaS applications are sold on a subscription basis for a monthly recurring fee according to a customized contract scheme. Unsatisfied clients can cancel their subscriptions and transfer to a different application vendor without the purchasing and licensing costs that would be assumed in a licensed software model

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