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LP Watcher Trans℠ is a smart, sustainable and innovative answer to operational inefficiencies, damages, claims and frauds in transportation

LP Watcher Trans℠ is the only Business Intelligence solution in the market place that manages losses, both known and unknown, in the transportation tranche of the retail supply chain Covering in-bound as well as out-bound traffic,  the tool provides a relevant and meaningful vision of the problem of Logistics Operators' executives as well as Logistics and Loss Prevention managers of traffic generating companies

LP Watcher Trans

  • Tackles specific Loss drivers in traffic related events for every warehouse/store, enabling to focus Loss Prevention resources on processes, subprocesses and/or tasks where significant improvement opportunities exist (Read more) 
  • Is compatible with most of Warehouse Management, CCTV, Gate/Access Control Systems and converts, in a non-intrusive way for your system and a totally transparent fashion for the user, transaction data in a potential revenue enhancement opportunity
  • Uses a  one-of-a-kind set of KPI's and incorporates best practices in related processes
  • Spots loss generating drivers ( vehicles, hauliers, drivers, routes,...) and sizes risks and damages involved
  • Enables to materialize Action Plans that the tool suggests for every identified risk situation
  • Triggers a follow-up workflow that ensures that corrective actions are implemented

The result on the Short Term is a dissuasive effect that drastically reduces operational errors, fraud and losses  On the Medium and Long Term, consolidates strengthened processes, palliates vulnerabilities, obtaining more efficient operations, reduces disputes while enhancing warehouse productivity as well as improving service to stores
LP Watcher Trans is delivered jointly with  LP Watcher DCs under a Software as a Service (SaaS) scheme, through a pay-per-use system, minimizing roll-out costs, enabling an easy scalability and can be accessed from any web browser


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