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An advanced model of Loss Prevention at PoS drives substantial incremental profits with low risk levels, meanwhile it dramatically enhances the productivity of the Loss Prevention function

  • PoS' losses, due to operator's mistakes or fraud, are significantly reduced (between 30 and 60% depending upon the company/ format)
  • The pay-back of the initiative ranges from 3-6 months
  • Investment per store/month is marginal, depending on the contract
  • As a “Stand alone” system, it has minimal impact on in-house IT teams
  • Features and performance are far ahead of in-house developed applications and maintenance, upgrades, patches and service levels are guaranteed by NewfieldTech
  • Controlled enviroment, low risk implementations are based on pilot projects
  • It shifts the LP department concept from reactive to proactive, providing LP management with intelligent and focused information about individual situations, revealing the sources of the problems and clear visibility of the solutions
  • Loss recoveries are multiplied as solid historical information is attached to every case identified
  • The productivity of the LP staff is increased: it reduces the number of hours per investigation and focuses the follow up work on documented cases with historical details
  • A deterrence environment is further developed and implemented: a general awareness amongst employees is built regarding the certainty of that all and everyone violations of the rules at PoS will be scrutinized, documented and corrected
  • Reinforces team work with other departments: Operations, Human Resources, Purchasing, IT, … and fuels the concept of cross functional fight against losses

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